IMQubator funds seeing the end of their 7 year term by December 31st 2015


The IMQubator funds have seen the end of their 7 year term by December 31st 2015. As of that date IMQ Investment Management will cease operations as a manager of hedge strategies as well.

We’ve observed that the miminum scale for seeding hedge strategies has increased strongly over the past few years. While in the earlier years of our business a seeding or acceleration ticket of €25mln would provide a manager with a good push in the back, nowadays the seeder or accelerator needs to be able to boost the AUM of the manager to well beyond €150mln within a relatively short time frame.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our role as a seeder of hedge and PE strategies and are grateful for all the support and recognition we have received over the past 7 years of our operation.
In particular we are grateful for the support and trust we have received from APG and we are proud to have been awarded with five consecutive Hedgeweek Global Awards as “Best Seeding Platform” as from 2011.

Jeroen M. Tielman
Founder and CEO IMQ Investment Management

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