IMQubator in the News

Hedgeweek 7 Oct 2014
IMQ: Asset managers can sharpen their competitive edge by providing acceleration capital to alternative investment teams

Hedgeweek Jun 2014
Hedgeweek USA Awards 2014
IMQubator: Best Seeding Platform (page 17)

Hedgeweek 1 Apr 2014
IMQ Investment Management – Best Seeding Platform

COOConnect 18 Dec 2013
IMQ confirms shift into acceleration deals

EuroHedge 23 Sep 2013
Amsterdam-based seeder IMQ broadens its remit with accelerator capital for young but established managers

Hedgeweek 19 Sep 2013
Goldman Sachs and ex-Mirae CIO to launch fund… Six funds get the green light in China…

COOConnect 18 Sep 2013
Seeders shifting into acceleration deals

Opalesque 17 Sep 2013
IMQ backs Hong Kong based volatility arbitrage fund, True Partner

Investment Europe 16 Sep 2013
IMQ allocates $33m to HK volatility arbitrage expert

Hedgeweek 15 Apr 2013
Australia’s Scout Global joins IMQ in backing Romanseco fund

Hedgeweek 26 Mar 2013
Winners focus on good governance and consistent returns

The Hedge Fund Journal 12 Mar 2013
IMQubator backs Romanesco

Hedgeweek Mar 2013
Hedgeweek Awards 2013
IMQubator: Best Hedge Fund Seeding Platform (page 17)

Hedgeweek 11 Mar 2013
IMQ seeds systematic trading strategy from Romanesco

Investment Europe 5 Nov 2012
‘New Normal’ requires nimbler, younger and smaller managers, says IMQubator’s Tielman

Pensions & Investments 29 Oct 2012
Emerging managers seeing renaissance among investors

Investment Europe 23 Oct 2012
Hedge fund incubator says size matters for hedge funds, and ‘small is good’

Hedgeweek 22 Oct 2012
Early-stage managers better placed for premium returns in current climate

Hedgeweek 20 Jun 2012
Tielman: We look for people who want to win the Olympics

HFMWeek 23 May 2012
IMQubator seeding platform launches cap intro network

Hedgeweek 23 May 2012
IMQubator launches capital introduction network

Press Release IMQubator 23 May 2012
Incubation Pioneer IMQubator Launches Capital Introduction Network

HFMWeek 28 Mar 2012
HFM Awards 2012, European Performance Awards: All the Winners

Forbes 21 Mar 2012
Volcker Rule Refugees

Institutional Investor Mar 2012
Funds in the Oven – Dutch incubator IMQ warms to Asia-based hedge fund managers

Opalesque TV 9 Feb 2012
IMQubator Seeding Model: Engineering hedge fund products to be bought, not sold
Interview with Jeroen Tielman on Opalesque TV

Hedgeweek 12 Jan 2012
IMQubator and Synergy Fund Management team up to source and seed next generation of APAC managers

Investment Europe 9 Jan 2012
Dutch and German heavyweights extend hedge fund seeding activities

MandateWire 9 Jan 2012
Emerging managers offer good investment prospects for 2012

Financial News 9 Jan 2012
China initiative seeks fund managers of tomorrow

The New York Times 9 Jan 2012
A Boom in Starter Capital for Hedge Funds

Investment Europe 9 Jan 2012
IMQubator looks to seed Asia

Investment Europe 9 Jan 2012
Dutch and German heavyweights extend hedge fund seeding activities 9 Jan 2012
Synergy partners with European firm to seed Asia funds 6 Jan 2012
Investors could favour smaller funds in 2012

CNBC Europe 4 Jan 2012
Time to Buy Hedge Funds?
Interview with Jeroen Tielman on CNBC Live London

CNBC Europe 6 Dec 2011
Hedge Fund Industry in 2012
Interview with Jeroen Tielman on CNBC Live London Nov 2011
Special Report: Best Practice 2011, page 17
Interview with Jeroen Tielman on Capital Seeding 30 Nov 2011
Hedge fund start-ups continue despite difficult market conditions

Pensions and Investments 28 Nov 2011
Emerging hedge fund managers gaining attention despite data

Asia Fund Manager 24 Nov 2011
IMQ may consider Asia for seeding mandates

Opalesque 23 Nov 2011
IMQubator’s Jeroen Tielman remains optimistic about the future for hedge funds in the investment space

The Wall Street Journal 27 Oct 2011
Hedge Fund Seeder IMQ Keeps Close Watch On Funds
Interview with Jeroen Tielman

Preqin 25 Oct 2011
Seeders should push hedge fund reform, Amsterdam-based incubator urges 24 Oct 2011
Incubation pioneer IMQubator aims to fix ‘broken’ investment management model

Press Release IMQ Investment Management BV May 2011
APG Enables Hedge Fund Seeder IMQubator to Create New Fund

Press Release IMQ Investment Management BV Nov 2010
Dutch IMQubator Wins HFR Award for Best Seeding Platform
24 Nov 2010
Best seeding platform – Ninth European Fund of Hedge Funds Awards 2010

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Seed-investeerder voor ‘toptalenten’
(in Dutch)
Nov 2010
TechnoPartner November 2010 20 Oct 2010
The HFMWeek Seeding Top 5 23 Jun 2010
Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

Absolute Return + Alpha
16 Mar 2010
Interview Jeroen Tielman

Press Release IMQ Investment Management BV 2 Jun 2009
Dutch Innovation Fund IMQubator Makes First Commitment with APG’s Funding

Ignites – Europe 20 Nov 2008
Dutch Asset Pool Seeks to Lure Talent

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